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The 3rd edition anthology of the
Writers of Metuchen,
"Metuchen Musings 2006,"
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Friday, October 6, 2006

Meeting, Greeting and Sharing the Recipe for Writing Success

Come meet the Writers of Metuchen Sat., Oct. 7 at the Country Fair!

You can't miss us--our booth is on Main Street, opposite the Alessio Restaurant. We'll be sporting our new black "Writers of Metuchen" T-shirts and hawking our latest Metuchen Musings anthologies. You'll meet our poet laureate, Marcia Holtzman, plus other talented members of our group--essayists, poets, and story tellers with more than just a feather at the tip of their pens.

Our group stresses the importance of carefree writing, careful reading, thoughtful encouragement and supportive goading. We thrive on criticism from a supportive pack of like-minded people. If you are thinking of starting a writing group of your own, we invite you to stop by. We'll share the secret of our success, and provide a helpful recipe on how to start your own writing group, or where to look for existing ones. See you at the fair!

12:00 am edt

Monday, September 11, 2006

At the Poetry Gathering
This poem is about Tina Kelley, a reporter for The New York Times.

She comes to the poet's podium
joined at the waist with a pouch
that holds, unbelievably,
a five-day-old baby!

Reading beautiful and anguished
lines about her experience
writing stories of the victims of 9/11
and their survivors,
Portraits of Grief,
of hopes and dreams
sorrow nearly overwhelms
the young mother
filled with tears for grieving mothers,
grieving children,
children never to be born
herself so newly delivered
from the twin shadows
of death and birth,
now blinking into the light
as she reads to us
confronting survival.
by Marcia Holtzman

10:16 am edt

Monday, August 28, 2006

Marcia Reads a Poem

by Julie Walton Shaver
Sorry, I don't have audio of Marcia reading her poem, and I don't have the words to print here either. But listening to Marcia read is an experience not to be missed. She reads to engage.
I made a little movie to help our readers visualize the treat. Click the picture, or click here.

You'll need Flash, and be sure to turn up the sound! Enjoy.

DW writes: What a fabulous technology it is that lets Julie take such intimate, revealing, empathic photos of Marcia. And to think that it is possible to get the sound of her voice too! Many thanks, Julie. Many thanks, Marcia. Such a pleasure to be in this group. Other groups have trouble getting people to attend meetings. Poor folks!
6:00 pm edt

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Writers Read to a Packed House, Albeit a Small House

The reading last Sunday at the Raconteur went especially well, and the wonderful reviews are pouring, ok, trickling in to our various e-mail boxes! The writers, and readers, extend a special thanks to Mickey Waring for coordinating the event, to Alex Dawson for so generously lending his store floor space, to Maddie Hunter for the beautiful programs, and to Julie Walton Shaver for taking pictures, posted here.
4:17 pm edt

Saturday, July 8, 2006


The Writers of Metuchen
Reading from their Works
Metuchen Musings—2005 and 2006
Works in Progress
Sunday Evening, 6 p.m., July 9
At the
The Raconteur Bookstore
431 Main Street, Metuchen,
Book Signing Too
Wine and Cheese—Free Admission

Marcia Holtzman --- Maddie Hunter --- Jennifer Jolly
Jan Margolis --- Jacalyn Schwartz --- Donna Rubens
Mickey Waring --- Julie Walton Shaver --- Donna Wilshire
2006 Guest Young Writer, Courtney Downing,
and 2005 Guest Young Writer, Jamie Zwiebel.

11:03 pm edt

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