May 2005
Royal Red Maple
Planted this bare root stick in 1999, thinking it would never amount to much.


Royal Red Maple
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August 2006: Summer color.

Facts at a Glance
Acer platanoides -
Royal Red

Planted May 1999
Planting height: 5'
Planting trunk: 1"

2004 Update
5-yr height: 12'
5-yr trunk: 3.5"

2006 Update
7-yr height: 14'
7-yr trunk: 5.75"
7-yr spread: 4'

Mature Height: 35 to 40'
Spread: 25'
Growth rate: Slow
Form: Oval, broad
Flowers: Spring, red
Fall color: Bronze
Hardiness zone: 4 - 7
Culture: Sun

Best feature:
Red leaves

Worst problem:
Red leaves fade to brown

Do over? Yes

Royal 'Bronze' Maple Tests My Patience


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A Tree Grower's Diary
Royal Red Maple


Photographs and text by Julie Walton Shaver


May 2006: Samara's birth

Right: The Royal Red maple is near the October Glory red maple, two vastly different trees. The Royal Red maple is not an acer rubrum-- "red maple"; this tree was created from Norway maple and sugar maple parents. The only reason it's called "red maple" is because of the summer leaf color. Paradoxically, the October Glory red maple is an acer rubrum -- "red maple," with green leaves in summer.



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Aug. 13, 2005: After six growing seasons, I think this little maple has finally caught hold, having grown at least a foot and a half this year, far more than in the previous years. And, despite a hot, dry August, the tree is having its first late-summber growth spurt.


Above: May 2003: This tree catches the light nicely from underneath when the sun is shining.


June 2004:
As the season proresses into summer,
the undersides of the leaves turn bronze.


January 2005



April 2004

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June 1999


May 2005

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